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  • Personal Account Manager
  • Trade Ripple or ANY Cryptocurrency
  • No maximum deposit
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Website URL
Support Number +44(0) 203 9500 950
Minimum 1st Deposit $500
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Free Demo Account No
US Traders Allowed Yes
Overall Score 96


  • Personal Account Manager
  • Trade Ripple or ANY Cryptocurrency
  • No maximum deposit

CryptoGo brings us an exchange different to any others on the market. They’ve only been available since 2017 but have already attracted a lot of newbies looking for the best way to enter the cryptocurrency market with their simple to use exchange as well as attracting more experienced investors and institutions with their unlimited maximum deposit.

The platform has been gaining popularity by creating an exchange that overcomes problems that have not been resolved on other existing exchanges, as well as adding a few ingenious features that make the platform stand out from the rest.

Cryptogo homepage

Read our full review of CryptoGo below to find out more about the prominent exchange and how to use it.

Who are CryptoGo?

CryptoGo has been created by a highly experienced team with more than five years experience in cryptocurrency, with backgrounds including brokers, investment strategists, and analysts; as well as a passion for cryptocurrencies.

They are using that experience and understanding of the market to focus on eliminating the current complications of investing in cryptocurrencies. They claim to offer both transparency and responsibility, making clear all aspects of risks to users; as well using their market knowledge and understanding to provide a seamless and rewarding service to clients.

CryptoGo also enables access for investors wanting to invest large quantities, this has caused them to draw the attention of institutional operations and investment firms over to the cryptocurrency market. The platform is able to search all exchanges and make buying cryptocurrencies fast and easy with no transaction limits.

Providing an exclusive and well-needed service

Recently there have been huge increases in the number of people investing in cryptocurrencies, with there being so many first time investors comes a need for cryptocurrency exchanges that can do all the hard and time consuming work for investors.

A lot of new people are finding out about cryptocurrencies as the rise in use has caused a rise in media coverage, a lot of people with no current knowledge want to get involved and buy crypto but don’t know how to or are worried about making a mistake. CryptoGo is providing the ability for first time investors to start investing at an expert level without the hassle that can be involved in buying cryptocurrencies.

Their services also includes brand new coins during their ICO, a lot of investors are really interested in ICos and more people are investing in smaller alt coins because they’re not worried about the risk with them; buying these altcoins is proving a challenge to a lot of people right now and exchanges such as CryptoGo are catering to those people now because they’re taking the complicity away from buying cryptocurrencies, even during their ICO stage.

Popular Japanese altcoin Cardano even recommends that you use CryptoGo rather than other exchanges to buy their coin because of the well-needed service they are providing that simplifies buying coins, even for newcomers.

Pros and cons of CryptoGo


  • Over 100 different cryptocurrencies are available to buy on CryptoGo, you can even request altcoins to be ordered if you can’t find what you’re looking for.
  • Quick and simple registration, it takes 2 minutes, there’s no long or complicated process to put you off registering.
  • Users can access CryptoGo website worldwide because they have no compliance issues, operations are available in every country apart from the USA. You’re able to make contact with them or make a purchase from anywhere in the world.
  • Very low minimum trading amount. The minimum amount is only $1 to trade on the exchange.
  • Easy to use the platform. The exchange is really easy to be used and you don’t need to be tech savvy to navigate your way around their website.
  • Your own personal account manager assigned to you when you make an account. This could be the biggest pro of all, with the offer of around-the-clock support and advice.
  • CryptoGo provide ratings of their ICOs and crypto-assets to help users choose wisely on their investment, plus saving the user from having to spend time finding a rating elsewhere.
  • They can complete orders at a great speed with their liquidity reserves of crypto; they have gained from already merging with several both small and large scale exchanges.
  • Have your account approved within the hour! A lot of other exchanges can require your account to go through a long verification process, but CryptoGo allows you to send your verification documents directly to the manager of your account for approval.
  • You can buy any amount of cryptocurrency with no maximum amount you can buy
  • CryptoGogives users a choice to deposit money several different ways including, directly from your bank, debit card and even PayPal.
  • CryptoGo claims to offer competitive fees, they have said that their prices are much lower than their competitors in the industry, the fees you pay are included in the price of your coin.


  • The user has to set up an external wallet. Not much of a disadvantage when you don’t have to do much else, but they do not provide a wallet for users to store their assets. They will guide you on how to set up a wallet if you don’t have one already.
  • There’s no welcome bonus. Again, this is only a slight negative because although some cryptocurrency exchanges do offer a bonus to new users, this bonus is usually used to practice with; on CryptoGo there is no need to practice because the hard work is done for you.
  • They don’t have a mobile phone app yet, which could be a problem for some users.
  • You would need to use a more traditional exchange for crypto to crypto trades as CryptoGo doesn’t support them.

Buying crypto on CryptoGo

One of the best things about CryptoGo exchange is how simple it is to use; here’s a short tutorial on how to sign up and buy cryptocurrencies from CryptoGo.

All you really have to do to sign up to CryptoGo is make an order. Click “get started” on the homepage to begin. You’ll then be asked to fill in the small information section shown in the picture below. You also choose your coin in this section.

CryptoGo - buy cryptocurrency

Next, you choose the amount of money that you would like to spend on your chosen coin. Your screen should look like the picture below.

CryptoGo - select payment method

At the bottom left-hand-side of the same screen, there is a section to choose your payment method and enter your billing address, shown in the picture below.

CryptoGo - billing address

Once you have done the above, you are ready to pay and complete your order. When your payment has been submitted you will be asked to provide your proof of identity, residence and wallet address. When you finish the process you will get an email and have your new coins delivered within 2 hours.

CryptoGo - select payment method 2

What’s different about CryptoGo?

They are the first cryptocurrency exchange to not store any coins on their platform, instead, the coins and ICOs are deposited directly to the wallet of the user.

  • They enable users to buy any coin. Most exchanges have a lot less to choose from, CryptoGo offers all coins rather than just a select few.
  • The platform is one of the few exchanges worldwide that fiat currency (USD) payment for coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • CryptoGo take responsibility for sending your crypto to the right place, this means no more worrying about accidentally sending your Bitcoin to your Ethereum address and having no way of getting it back, this is especially useful for first-time investors.
  • The fees structure of CryptoGo is different to that on traditional exchanges. Your fees from the portal are included in the price, the amount of fees you are charged will depend on the amount of cryptocurrencies you wish to buy when the price has been agreed the transfer of funds must take place within a certain time period. You will be able to speak to your personal account manager throughout the process.
  • CryptoGo supports all cryptocurrencies, a lot of existing exchanges only support a small amount of cryptocurrencies. They can also act as an intermediary on your behalf and buy any ICO available on any platform worldwide.

Security on the platform

As mentioned above, unlike other exchanges CryptoGo doesn’t store any of your cryptocurrencies on their platform; instead, you store the coins in your wallet. The only coins they store are their own which are securely kept in cold storage. The only risk is during the transaction, which is very low and can be lowered by ensuring you are using a wallet that has 2-factor authentications. CryptoGo not storing your coins and ICOs means that even if they did get hacked your assets wouldn’t be affected.  The architecture and safety features on CryptoGo platform are filled with cryptographically protected mechanisms.

Customer service

CryptoGo scores high in the customer service department. As soon as you enter the website a pop up chat appears with good response times 24/7, If you don’t find the chat helpful they also have the option of contacting them via phone or email; they promise to resolve any issues on a priority bases within 24 hours of a query being sent to them (fast compared to some other exchanges). With the experienced personal account managers available you’re unlikely to need to use the above options once you have registered. They will serve as a direct point of contact for you to obtain help or advice.

“Smooth and slick customer service with a personal approach, would highly recommend”.

  • Ramish Misra (Customer)

Conclusion of CrypotoGo exchange

Taking all of the above into consideration, CryptoGo may not be the cheapest exchange choice but it is the easiest and most convenient choice, whether you are a first-time investor or expert level, they are providing a service that people want and will likely happily pay the fee in return for a hassle-free cryptocurrency investment.

The amount of coins available on this exchange far exceeds what other exchanges on the market have and you can even request a coin you can’t find to be ordered, they literally sell every coin.

Long verification processes on some other exchanges have caused inconvenience for people that are trying to purchase crypto, the fact that CryptoGo has eliminated that lengthy process is a huge bonus.

With there being a huge rise in the use of cryptocurrencies and people who are interested in purchasing coins but don’t know how to, CryptoGo is providing services that will expand the cryptocurrency industry hugely, with their portal allowing anybody to buy cryptocurrencies on an easy-to-use platform with lots of customer support available.

The huge amount of customer support available is also another problem seen in some traditional exchanges resolved by CryptoGo.

Despite having a few small disadvantages CryptoGo is a unique exchange and it is solving the problems of traditional exchanges, giving customers a better experience.

As you can see, the pros seem to outweigh the cons on this one. You can’t forget the fee costs but as with most things, you get what you pay for and the service you get is definitely more than worth the fees, it prevents first time investors losing money simply from human error. They may be the beginning of a new generation of cryptocurrency exchange.

If CryptoGo has captured your interest you can sign up here.

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