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Buy Ripple in the US

If you’re an American that’s fed up with paying expensive transaction fees for overseas payments and the time it takes for payments to complete, there is a new digital system that’s on the verge of revolutionising the banking and financial industry. Ripple is a real-time transaction network, using its own Ripple XRP cryptocurrency as a form of transferring assets digitally within just four seconds.

We have reviewed and tested the best and most reliable exchanges and brokers where you can buy Ripple XRP in the US for use with instant transactions or as a crypto investment. Find out the best Ripple brokers for US-based users in our table below, and read more about them in our detailed breakdown.

Where can you buy Ripple XRP in the US?

At Buy Ripple, we have found and singled out three rock-solid platforms for Americans looking to buy Ripple XRP online. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each Ripple XRP broker to help you decide which exchange is right for you.


CryptoGo is one of the newest cryptocurrency platforms which is debuting exclusively for the American marketplace. CryptoGo is not strictly an exchange for Ripple XRP and other cryptocurrencies in its own right. However, if you’re unsure how to buy Ripple, CryptoGo acts more like a third-party broker, walking you through the entire process of setting up an account and a wallet before making a purchase. Each user is assigned a dedicated account manager, personalising the Ripple XRP investment process and making it stress-free for newcomers to crypto investing.


With around 1,400 estimated cryptocurrency tokens available to trade with CryptoGo, there’s no doubt this platform offers an excellent range of investment opportunities, including Ripple. At the other end of the spectrum, experienced and well-resourced Ripple XRP investors will be keen to hear that CryptoGo has no deposit limit, allowing high-end investors to purchase as much Ripple XRP as they wish.


  • 1,400+ cryptocurrencies available to buy
  • Underpinned by long-standing Investoo Group
  • Available to buy using USD
  • No minimum or maximum deposit limits
  • Dedicated account manager attributed to each investor


  • Not a direct exchange – your CryptoGo broker purchases Ripple XRP on your behalf
  • As a relatively new kid on the block, their reputation is taking time to build


For more than a decade, AVATRADE has been pioneering the world of online trading, boasting a crack team of financial professionals and digital experts working together to create an intuitive interface for retail traders in traditional stocks and shares. AVATRADE has since expanded its offering to incorporate a range of leading cryptocurrencies, including Ripple XRP. Their customer support is highly impressive, with 24/7 responses via the platform’s live chat functionality.


It’s worth knowing that if you wish to invest in Ripple XRP and any other cryptocurrencies using AVATRADE, you will never physically own the cryptocurrency you invest in. AVATRADE doesn’t work like a fully fledged exchange. Instead, it allows retail traders to trade in Ripple as a financial derivative (e.g. Contracts for Difference (CFD)) allowing you to profit from price movements of the actual cryptocurrency.


  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal options
  • 24-hour multilingual customer service
  • Highly regulated broker
  • Multiple choices of integrated trading platforms


  • $100 minimum deposit might deter newcomers
  • Trade CFDs in Ripple XRP rather than physically owning it
  • You can only profit on the price movement of Ripple XRP rather than use XRP for individual transactions on the Ripple Network

Things you need to know when buying Ripple XRP in the US

It’s worth noting that the value of Ripple XRP soared by 35,000% in 2017. Comparably, that was a price move that even eclipsed Bitcoin’s year-on-year growth, as well as other altcoins such as Litecoin (5,300%). As one of the biggest success stories in the cryptocurrency industry in 2017, it’s hoped that Ripple XRP will maintain its upward curve in the months ahead.

Is it worth investing in Ripple XRP?

Currently, Ripple XRP is trading at a price of $0.75-80 on the cryptocurrency exchanges. Subsequently, XRP is more affordable as an investment opportunity even for beginner crypto investors with low-level capital. It’s also worth noting that once the 100 billion market cap of Ripple XRP is closer to reaching full circulation, the demand will heighten significantly. If RippleNet’s trials with leading monetary authorities prove successful, the value of XRP will skyrocket further still.

Why you should use our recommended provider, eToro

At Buy Ripple, we’ve reviewed and tested the best Ripple XRP brokers and exchanges to help our users benefit from the easiest, most secure ways to buy Ripple in the US. We only recommend the top sites here and eToro remains our number one choice for all cryptocurrency and traditional financial investments. It’s ideal for beginner investors in cryptocurrencies such as Ripple XRP, allowing you to replicate investments made by the leading traders with eToro’s social community.

Buying Ripple in the US FAQs

  • What’s the difference between Ripple XRP and Bitcoin?
    While Bitcoin is used as a decentralised digital currency, Ripple XRP is used as an asset transfer solution, helping individuals and organisations around the world to send money instantly and overcome cross-border transaction fees. Bitcoin is also mined, while the entire market cap of Ripple XRP has already been mined and is being drip-fed into the ecosystem.
  • Is buying Ripple XRP anonymous?
    Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the Ripple Network is not designed to be anonymous. Cost-efficiency is the primary benefit of RippleNet, to assist adoption with financial institutions and meet anti-money laundering legislation.
  • What’s the quickest way to buy Ripple?
    The fastest way to acquire Ripple in the US is through one of our recommended brokers. It’s easy to set up an account and deposit funds without the need for cryptocurrency wallets, confusing interfaces and alphanumeric addresses.
  • What is the best Ripple exchange?
    At Buy Ripple, we endorse eToro as our preferred Ripple XRP exchange. However, if you read above, you’ll see the benefits of using CryptoGo and AVATRADE to execute Ripple trades with ease.
  • What are the best Ripple XRP wallets?
    Ripple does not officially endorse any particular wallets to store its XRP. However, there are a string of online wallets that are tailor-made for XRP storage. Gatehub is a market leading platform, offering real-time stats and market trends before you make your XRP purchase.
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